The tomato sauces


For its tomato sauces, Agrinitti uses tomato puree obtained by the best Italian tomatoes from agricultural companies that are part of a chain all fully checked and traced (Certification according to UNI 22005:2008 by DNV Certificate No. CERT-515-2005-APC-NPL-SINCERT).

In order to guarantee the consumer protection and to provide certified quality products to consumers, the tomatoes are all cultivated in crops that use the "integrated pest management" method ensuring a possible medium pesticides residual less than 40% of the limit of the Italian legislation (Product Certification with DNV Certificate No. CERT-0067-2002-PC-NPL-SINCERT).

To complete the tomato sauce, Agrinitti uses extra virgin olive oil (from the southeast of Bari) and ingredients that characterize the sauce in a large percentage (e.g. turnip tops 15%, eggplant 18%, peppers 15%, zucchini 16%, artichokes 12%, tuna 14%, fresh basil leaves 3%, mushrooms 18%, etc.). We carefully select and microbiologically test at the origin our ingredients. They have no added preservatives or dyes. We cultivate some of these directly in our company without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, to offer more guarantees of genuineness and safety to consumers. A not strong method of cooking gives them an easily recognizable taste of fresh.

Everything is made in the implementation of the HACCP system in accordance with EEC Regulation 852/2004 and Legislative Decree No. 193/2007 on hygiene and wholesomeness of food products and the mandatory traceability of food EEC Regulation 178/02.

Availability: all year round according to the availability list and / or supply on hand.

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