The company

In 1984, the chemical expert Vito Nitti founded the agricultural company of production and food processing. At the beginning, the company did only agricultural production activities and, in particular, the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus, Cardoncello and Champignons mushrooms. In 1992, Mr. Nitti felt a strong need to promote even more the production of agricultural products transforming them in vegetables in oil, ready sauces, creams, seasonings, jams etc...

Continuous and repeated, even now, updating and research courses have helped the company to establish collaborative relationships, almost continuous, with Higher Technical Institutes, the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bari and the Experimental Agronomic Institute of Valenzano. The company cooperates with them doing training courses and internships for Superior technicians in the food sector and research activities on new methods of processing and producing.

AGRINITTI is an agricultural company of food production and processing. It preserves vegetables, mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil and produces fruit-made products, sauces and creams. It uses raw materials from Apulia carefully selected and tested at the origin and there are no added preservatives or dyes in the final products.

From year to year, experimenting with pleasure new products and crops, Agrinitti has increased the type and amounts of crop directly into the company without the use of pesticides and fertilizers to offer further guarantees of genuineness and safety to consumers. The company immediately processes freshly picked ingredients in order to give them the opportunity to keep their organoleptic and sensorial characteristics.

Vegetables in oil, mushrooms, tomato purée, peeled tomatoes, ready sauces, pickles, jams, juices, creams and seasonings enrich the vast range of products, which includes more than one hundred and twenty types of foodstuffs.

Everything is made in the implementation of the HACCP system in accordance with EEC Regulation 852/2004 and Legislative Decree No. 193/2007 concerning hygiene and wholesomeness of food products and the mandatory traceability of food EEC Regulation 178/02.