Processing of the products

Agrinitti is an agricultural company that is located in the “Trulli” and Caves area, a good geographical position. A ten-years’ experience in cultivating vegetables, fruits and mushrooms gives Agrinitti the need and the pleasure to promote its own products and everything that Apulia produces. Agrinitti uses aromatic herbs, which are cultivated in the company without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The company picks them freshly and, then, it washes in sterilized water and immediately processes the herbs in order to keep their properties. Modern techniques of cultivation (careful about health and hygiene) are fundamental and supportive to determine the choice of raw materials, both if cultivated in the company and if purchased from farmers linked to the company.

After a careful selection of fresh ingredients, Agrinitti cautiously washes them in sterilized drinking water. The company strongly controls this critical point of the HACCP method. Its staff boils the ingredients in water and vinegar. Then, it drains and centrifuges them to remove residual water, which is not part of the final product. The cooking liquid is monitored in the pH value to avoid the possible development of toxins (Cl. botulinum), bacteria and / or moulds. In jams, tomato sauces and condiments, Agrinitti uses natural and first quality materials as well. 

Agrinitti dries its ingredients (eggplants, peppers, zucchini and tomatoes) with a natural method. In a healthy and safety environment, a small and adequately trained staff processes products using an excellent Apulian extra virgin olive oil and previously sterilized glass jars. The company also carefully controls this critical point of the HACCP method and any non-compliance involves the product rejection. The result is a genuine product with a taste very similar to the fresh ingredients. Agrinitti can certainly consider its products able to meet the higher expectations of demanding consumers who are looking for genuine flavours from Apulia with the traceability guarantee of all ingredients.