The compotes, the jams, the marmalades, the fruit juices and the fruit


AGRINITTI produces compotes, jam, marmalades and fruit juices using first-quality fruit from Apulia.

In the years, Agrinitti has increased the type and quantity of fruit cultivation directly in the company without the use of pesticides and fertilizers in order to offer more guarantees of genuineness and safety to consumers.

A long and proven experience, a particular personal predisposition, continuous studies and updating courses have helped to create many compotes, jams, marmalades and fruit juices, some with little amount or no added sugar. Therefore, they keep the characteristic of fresh fruit to provide the sensation of tasting freshly picked fruit. Without the addition of preservatives and / or dyes, their taste is genuine and balanced. Some combinations are very original.

Everything is made in the implementation of the HACCP system in accordance with EEC Regulation 852/2004 and Legislative Decree No. 193/2007 on hygiene and wholesomeness of food products and the mandatory traceability of food EEC Regulation 178/02.

Availability: all year round according to the availability list and / or supply on hand.

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Only for fruit juices:

Ml 212