Sweet and sour “Giardiniera”

It is the union of numerous vegetables (carrots, fennels, cauliflowers, yellow and red peppers, celery and small onions) from the Southeast of Bari. We select them with care in order to create a tasty combination. We clean, cut, separately cook and then preserve the ingredients in a sweet and sour liquid. The taste is lightly acetate and sweet and, in this way, the vegetables keep their own fresh flavour and crunchiness. These characteristics make the product very versatile. Its chromaticity is tempting, while its olfactory taste calls to mind the best Apulian culinary tradition. One may serve it as an appetizer seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, parsley, mint and glaze with balsamic vinegar. Another use can be with creams, meats, wurstel etc. For its numerous colours, one can use it to make appetizers look more cheerful.

Gluten-free product.

Availability:all year round.

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Gr 580
Gr 800
Gr 1060
Gr 1680
Gr 3060
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Gr 4300