The creams


AGRINITTI produces creams and seasonings with extra virgin olive oil, using raw materials from Apulia, carefully selected and tested. They have no added preservatives or dyes.

A long and proven experience, a particular personal predisposition, continuous studies and updating courses have helped to create a vast range of creams and seasonings. We follow a natural technique that gives them the typical balanced flavour of freshness and genuineness. Some of these creams and seasonings are very original and suitable in several combinations.

As well as other raw materials, we cultivate the aromatic herbs contained in them. In this way, we can follow the entire chain of compulsory food traceability (EEC Regulation 178/02) and apply properly the HACCP system in accordance with Reg EEC 852/2004 and Legislative Decree No. 193/2007 concerning hygiene and wholesomeness of food products.

Cold pressing olives of the area around the company, we obtain the extra virgin olive oil used to mix them.
Customers’ satisfaction, that we have obtained, makes us believe that we are a leading company in this sector and this motivates us to continue developing new products.

Availability: all year round according to the availability list and / or business inventories.

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